Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An Introduction


Hello, welcome to this production blog.
First of all, we are still in a pre-production stage. We don’t even have a title for this project yet! But it will be a sci-fi animation about a dystopian future. About artificial intelligence and human interaction in a desolate post-apocalypse world.

Technically this film will use a composition of 2D characters and 3D environment. The decision is made to capture 2D animation expressions and artistic value and marries it with 3D technicalities. We will surely stumble on some technical problem down the road but it will be a fun project!

Anyway, I’m Oji and I will be doing most of the 3D & technical direction for this short film.
Nanzo will be the artistic guy responsible for all sort of creative direction like character design, world design and also 2D animation part.

We hope to post updates on regular basis. So stay tune!

Rough Character Design


My name is Nanzo and for now I'm responsible for the design of the characters and for the whole look of the universe.Right now I just managed to did some rough character design for the project.Still got a lot things to revise but we will discuss about that later on.Here are 2 main characters where I imagine there's a girl and a robot.
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